Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Please don't tell me your heart's intention ... Please go!

Assalamulaikum dan selamat pagi :)

hai guys. How are you today? There is no something special I want to write... but I wanna shared my feeling right now...(saja-saja nak tulis omputeh la konon, english berterabur)

credit to : google

Please don't tell me your heart's intention 
Because it will only add to the pain 
Let my heart heal by itself 
Please don't tell me you've started to hate me 
I know from your action and your moves 
That some things are bothering your mind 
I know you are not like before 
Time has changed our love for each other
I realized that the light has dimmed 
Our hearts are more weary 
And it's testing our patience
But I find it hard to let go
If you wish to go away 
Please grant me this wish

credit to : google

I don't feel like understanding
Or face the reality 
That you are not in love 
I don't wish to know what happened 
You have someone new
Let me quiet my heart
Please don't tell me what you are feeling
Because I can read them
have to say goodbye
Go, but please don't tell me

credit to : google

salam ukhwah^^
have a nice day guys!

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